Digital Storytelling: Getting Started

Digital storytelling requires you to use multimedia components along with words to tell stories, argue claims, explain texts or illustrate social problems. Using images, music, video, charts, audio recordings and graphics can lend interest and impact to complement your writing. Your final project will involve mapping and visualisation on digital platforms.

This assignment leads on from the skills you’ve practised in your blog posts: making the most of digital technology’s affordances to help you communicate, and writing content designed to be shared with online audiences.

Where to start:

Decide what you want to tell this story about: the space/place you’ll locate your essay in, and then how you’ll approach it. Possible approaches include personal history, local history, arguing a claim, explaining or responding to a phenomenon/text/object/event, and so on. Remember that for this assignment your goal is to think critically about what it means to represent space/place, and who gets to speak for – and control – its representation.


Questions to consider:

  • How can you best communicate the points you want to make about the space/place you’re exploring?
  • What text and audiovisual content do you need to provide evidence for these points?
  • Which tool (Juxtapose, Storymap, or Timeline) will best showcase this material to serve your ideas?


You could start your storytelling project with the same basic structure as a written essay:

Title: Indicate the subject or question you’re exploring with your project.
Introduction: Interest the viewer. Introduce your subject and argument/question.
Present your thesis or the primary claim you plan to illustrate.
Body: Use selected evidence in a coherent order that builds towards an impression or argument.
Conclusion: What do you want your audience to think, do, or feel after they finish ?

Try storyboarding your ideas to plan how best to share them.



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